New ECO-Right TPE foams TPV


(1)Light weight, specific gravity were 0.1
(2)Clear emboss with long duration.

Materials definition

(A)Composition of TPV foams: main composition: polyolefin and EVA compounds

foam sheet physical properties
Physical properties Unit Test method TPV(588)
Hardness SHORE C D2240(RT) 28(skin-off)
Hardness SHORE C D2240(0℃) 30(skin-off)
Strength kgw/cm2 D412 8
Elongation % D412 180
Tear kgw-cm/cm D624 4
Resilience % D2632 35
SP.GR *** D792 0.1(skin-off)
Shrinkage % 75℃,40min 0.8
skid-resistant *** dry-type 0.8
skid-resistant *** wet-type 0.2
compression set % D395(50℃,6hr) 90
compression set % D395(RT 22hr) 50

Reference application
outdoor accessory    
foot ball leather