Hot-melt adhesive

Material Description

Under the enviromental protectional policy, hot-melt adhesives are the most friendly adhesive, because they havn't any released VOC to atomsphere,less energy was required for producing a unit product…etc.

Some HMA products listed as follow for reference:

coating grade
Method       Description and reference application packings
MFI softing point hardness
ASTM-D1238 ring&ball ASTM -D2240
g/10min (A)
Product Name   
875 25(a) 80 80 Low softing point for tennis ball and label mark 25kg each bag
930 30(a) 75 75 Low softing point for fabrics and foams fitting 25kg each bag
872 15(a) 90 75 mild softing point for shoes' fabrics fitting 25kg each bag
film grade
3709 35 95 75 waterproof fabrics used only 25kg each bag
3706 35 95 75 for polyester fabrics used on bags 25kg each bag
3071 35 95 75 for fabrics used on shoes vamp 25kg each bag
3091 28 110 80 for nylon fabrics used on bags 25kg each bag
HMA film
V2 25 110 80 hot-melt adhesive film for EVA insole width:44--58 inch

a:125℃, 1.05kg others:190℃, 1.05kg

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HMA film

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All HMA products from ERC all comply with REACH standard