Environmental Responsibility


Since James Watt invented steam engine in 17th century, the human dependence on petroleum were growed years by years.

After the World War II,polymer industrial development was faster than People's image.

So, the problem of energy depletion and waste pollution got more and more trouble. How to "Reduce Waste" had became the most urgent question which must be solved.;

From the first day of establishment, the direction diligently was to produce product friendly and reduce petroleum consumption.

According to estimate, for producing a item of daily goods, it could has at least some 40% above consuming from crude oil to end product, also as the energy consumption.

Therefore, if we can achieve the targets of non-pollution and non-waste, "Reduce Waste" to the whole namely has the fast effect.

By advanced processing regulation matching the rheology of raw materials,in ERC, from non-solvent fitting to complete zero-waste process, We produce high-tech products which all contain advanced technology of "save energy" and "reduce waste" concept.